Israeli Independence Day as dēśaya

Naomi  Sirinali  Navarathne.- Israel Laatse town

Day of working people around the world as International Workers’ Day, or allocated on the first day of May. The celebrating in different ways in different countries, and all others, except if the worker in Sri Lanka (especially politicians) take it as an opportunity to show that their day using the politically strong. A day to celebrate working people and I was shocked to hear about the two lives lost prematurely, I was bombarded interesting note about the current May Day celebration in the land of Israel.
The Holy Land, the land of the free celebration of the Jewish land of Israel, known in running each May first date. This year they celebrate the proud land of 69 freedom of expression. Judah national gas inlet brutal torture shanty then subjected to terrible war after rock and sand filled the floor and they went over. It is Israel.

Jewish Holocaust victims in various far-flung group crawl feats with devotion religious freedom and commemorating his sad past. Jewish world as a nation buddhīmat consider. They have their ability to speak different languages. Although the Israeli Hebrew language: English, Arabic, French
Such language is in use. New Israeli currency unit ṣekalya. Jews are able to hold the chairs, professors from various countries of the developed world. State operates a large role in the quality of life of the people rendered.

Everyone’s religion of Judaism and acute religious group called the metamorphosed dætīyan. Their main job is to go to church on the morning of his race at yāgnākirīmayi. Them special privileges and support will be offered by the government. Birth control dætīyangē Jewish land are around 10 to 12 children. Or have a minimum of four children in a family of. The government sponsored children full. Other nationals and non-Jews married āgamikayō and so if the other is inevitably embraced Judaism.
Israel’s national anthem was written in 1878 in Europe. The writer is the imbeli Nathalie cross. If the country had not eviṭaīśrāyalaya globe. The idea is that the cardinality tells the song, Seoul (Israel) Jewish spirit is eager to look forward to the eyes of shock and survival. Their hope has been fulfilled in the years beyond 2000. Today they live as a free nation.


Several times throughout the country at the same time a pipe is made to sound a day to remember their relatives died for the nation a day before two of their Independence Day. It was the noise that hurts the heart of a wonderful haunt me feel almost as a cry for people to die under a bomb attack. The sound of exasperation reverberated throughout the sky, giving the whole Jewish land and makes the tone of their broadcasts of radio and television channels within the hour. Which part of that time, they have engaged in any task shocking glimpse of his heart to remember the dead rose, signaling. Expressways .kesq afternoon, vehicles on yellow stripes down their vehicles, unfathomable set foot hiṭaganimin to see the ice and raising their haunt with a haḍat anuvēdaniya sight. May the first day of the church throughout the day, and that day is not a special service at the full holiday. The free event held in the city of Jerusalem, the pretty local towns festival is organized. The evening snathānavala free food and music shows will be given to rātyēriyē beautiful flowers events shows the maid. Yummy freely with tubes down their buildings housing a large rise sky children enjoyed seeing a glimpse of a very dear; Cool sight. Lovers of freedom and ādaravantiyō hands paṭalā cubs. The next day, all are happy to eat with her family members. The government has approved a holiday on that day. The only religion in various countries ran one nation native liver Jews without any political purpose Crusoe celebrate their national independence. I have many examples we can take heart that the world’s most developed nation to think back to the country to celebrate the National Independence Day coincided with today. But when it is impossible or even know to guess.

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